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 Humanum... to develop the human

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"I was a participant on the NHS Intersect Programme in 2016/7. Nicholas has a passion for challenging you to understand and explore your unconscious. Whilst enabling you to explore your responses and those of others he will provoke you to be present in the moment and really consider what else is going on. This can lead to difficult and challenging realisations about yourself, your motivations and what it's like to be on the receiving end of you. This was all critical development for me to maximise my impact in my system. He challenged me to recognise what I felt, not just what I thought. Nicholas is an inspiring speaker, a warm person with a ready sense humour who collaborates with an exceptional group of people. It was emotional, uplifting and hard work - Intersect was an unforgettable experience."

Jenny Bowker - Associate Director of Strategic Planning at Gloucestershire CCG


“I had the privilege to be a member of a year long leadership development programme which Nicholas was the senior facilitator of. Whilst the critical development work is delivered through the group and it’s processes it is the skills of the facilitator which enables and enriches this to allow participants to maximise the potential of the learning opportunity. The insights, formulations, observations, challenges and encouragement to take risks offered by Nicholas have been transformational for me personally and my work as a leader of a large charity. Add to this a wealth of experience, a personal network of inspiring individuals and a impish wit and you have a rich resource to tap.”


Michael Leng Operations Director - Framework 


"Having recently been part of an inspiring and life affecting leadership development course, which took the humanum approach and focussed on developing me as a human, I can't stress strongly enough how valuable this learning is to me as a leader in all walks of my life. I now believe this sort of development should be mandatory for all in leadership roles"

Melanie Griffiths - Head of Service Improvement at  South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust


"Further development of leadership ability at some point becomes as much about your personal state and room for growth as it is about your ability to understand the latest policy and management changes.  A week in Caillier gave me the space to assess what is important to me and to test my insights with skilled facilitators and co-participants in a similar position.  All that in a glorious setting in the French countryside amounts to an opportunity that should be taken when it comes along."

Alan Higgins FRSA, now Director of Alan Higgins Ltd, is a former Director of Public Health for Oldham

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